Getting Your Homework Done Quickly: Top 10 Effective Tips

Many websites offer their versions of tips that should help you do your homework faster. The most efficient of them were collected to make this list.

  1. Start right after you come from school.
  2. Your brain is more productive between 3 and 6 pm than later in the evening. If you need a break after school, let it be no longer than half an hour. Otherwise, you may over-relax and find it extremely difficult to get into your homework.

  3. Stock your workplace.
  4. Put all necessary supplies close at hand. Fetch a bowl of tasty snacks and a glass of water to your desk so you will not have to stand up and go around looking for them.

  5. Get rid of distractions.
  6. Turn off your mobile phone and put it away. Do not open Skype or Snapchat until your homework is done. Lots of time you think you spend on your homework may in fact be wasted chatting online.

  7. Make a list.
  8. Write out all assignments you have to do this evening. Decide in which order you will deal with them.

  9. Find your best working routine.
  10. You may be most comfortable starting with the easiest assignment to “warm up,” or with the most difficult one while your mind is fresh. Or you may first complete the most urgent tasks so that you will not have to worry about missing their deadlines.

  11. Find a motivation.
  12. Imagine what a great time you will have after completing all your homework. Make a point of doing at least one thing you love. The faster you cope with your assignments, the sooner you will be able to enjoy it with clear conscience.

  13. Focus on one task at a time.
  14. Read your assignment carefully. If the task is large, break it into several smaller ones and do them one by one.

  15. Compete with yourself.
  16. Set a timer to find out how much time your homework takes. Next time, allow yourself a minute less. Keep track of your personal speed records. Reward yourself each time you beat them.

  17. Allow yourself enough rest.
  18. Take 5-10-minute breaks after every 45 minutes you spend working on your homework. A refreshed mind is more efficient.

  19. Develop a habit.
  20. Put “homework time” on your schedule. Even if there is no homework for tomorrow, spend this time doing the assignments that are due later. As you get into this habit, your mind will get used to working most productively at these hours.

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